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Форум | Новичкам о портале | Тема: It is time once again for the #AskSpector Tweetbag, your one
It is time once again for the #AskSpector Tweetbag, your one

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Дата: 10 августа 2022 года, 10:24
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It is time once again for the #AskSpector Tweetbag, your one-stop weekly shop to have all of your questions answered about baseball or anything else in the universe. To ask your question, simply hop  Minnesota Twins Jersey on your Twitter machine of choice (be careful hopping) and compose a tweet with the #AskSpector hashtag. Its that easy! Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion? TheJPF (@JohnPaulFutbol) Its a fascinating idea, but no. what is your opinion of hot dog brands? Alex Keckeisen (@Alex_Keck) My choice at the supermarket is generally Sabrett or Hebrew National. Others are fine, too, but always keep this in mind: the farther away you are from Coney Island, the worse Nathans hot dogs will be. How long Justin Smoak keep this up? Casey Dulson (@Casey_Trouble) Smoaks current slash line is .292/.370/.625, compared to a lifetime average, on-base, and slugging percentage of .228/.314/.389 (including the six games this season). Smoak is on pace for 54 doubles, 54 home runs, and 216 RBI, as well as 189 strikeouts and 81 walks. Lets say this is a breakthrough year for Smoak hed probably end up somewhere around .275 for a batting average with 35 home runs or so. Maybe he can keep up the walk rate? Generally, if you have to ask how long someone can keep going at a certain pace, the answer is going to be not very long. I know you're a bit of a hot dog junkie, list your favorite ballpark dogs that you have had so far. Bill Boynes (@Billonthedoor) The best hot dogs Ive had at a sporting even remain the ones in the pre s caf at Montreal Canadiens games. The hot dogs at Wrigley Field arent of any special quality, but eating a hot dog there just tastes like happine s  everything is right Brian Dozier Jersey in the world when youre at that park with a hot dog in one hand and an Old Style in the other. I dont have a particular favorite MLB ballpark dog, but I will say that Fenway Franks, served on those exposed-bread buns, are the worst. What closer in MLB will have most saves this season? With how many? Can John Axford of have that honor? Jack Smith (@PaperboyJack) Here are the major league saves leaders for the last 10 seasons2013: Jim Johnson/Craig Kimbrel, 502012: Jim Johnson, 512011: Jose Valverde, 492010: Brian Wilson, 482009: Brian Fuentes, 482008: Francisco Rodriguez, 622007: Jose Valverde, 472006: Francisco Rodriguez, 472005: Chad Cordero, 472004: Mariano Rivera, 53Water pistol full of grape juice to my favorite shirt, Id gue s that Kimbrel, about as automatic as it gets, and with a manager who puts stock in save situations, leads the majors this year with something in the neighborhood of 50, but I dont think theres any way to be confident in predicting a saves leader. Sure, it could be Axford. It could also be Valverde with a much worse Mets team, because he should get chances and even in games that arent that close, the rest of the Mets bullpen could create backdoor save chances. top 5 Seinfeld episodes and make it correct Corey Pronman (@coreypronman) 1. The Boyfriend (the Keith Hernandez episode)2. Mitch Garver Jersey The Race (I choose not to run!)3. The Soup Nazi4. The Strike (Festivus)5. The Caddy (featuring Frank Costanza berating George Steinbrenner about Ken Phelps) Why is Stephen Drew still unsigned? Will Crist (@will_crist) Nobody wants to give up a draft pick and meet his asking price. Its a simple explanation for something breathtakingly stupid. See also: Kendrys Morales. in all of your sports related travels what cities do you enjoy the most? Monica McAlister (@MonicaMcAlister) Montreal and Nashville top the list. Good thing Im a baseball writer. What are Sunderland's chances of staying up? Grant Tunkel (@GTunk) Slim to none, and closer to the latter, and why do you have to make me feel bad? How do you feel about the Phillies' bench depth, given that life is a cruel joke, and we will all die alone? Matt Gardner (@mattmgardner) We will not nece sarily die alone. It is entirely po sible that a meteor will hit Earth, killing all of us simultaneously. I suppose that in that case, you could argue whether, in fact, we are alone by virtue of being organisms with one brain and one beating heart, but regardle s of how you come out in that debate, the Phillies have a lackluster bench. Why is Phil Coke still in a Tigers uniform? Haha. Sherry Zuehlk (@Wingsfan1355) Left-haned batters have a .642 OPS against Coke in his career, and veteran pitchers do not tend to get cut from major league teams based on one bad outing to start the season. Do the have a chance to compete for a playoff spot? Stephen Gorchov (@StephenGorchov) The Phillies are competing for a playoff spot right now. It is highly unlikely that they will be succe sful in this competition, but until such time as they are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, they are competing for a spot. I've only been saying let young kids fill bullpen strategy for Mets. Does it really affect future starters from developing? Swithin Titus (@SWitHBeAtZ) It  Jorge Polanco Jersey hasnt hurt the St. Louis Cardinals. The problem comes when pitchers are shifted back and forth ince santly, without much thought to a real plan for their development, as weve see with Joba Chamberlain and Neftali Feliz. you reference «baseball twitter» and «hockey twitter» often. Which is the better Rangers fan base: TX or NY? Jason (@damnitjason) This isnt really fair, because I covered the New York Rangers as a beat, and as a result, have had much more interaction with their fans on Twitter. The Texas Rangers have some very devoted and quite funny followers. I just havent interacted with quite as many of them, so I dont have as much of a handle on the intricacies of their fan base. Did you know that Albert Belle is 1 of 3 guys to have 100+ RBI in their last MLB season? Jeff Pro ser (@reelbigfish37) I did not know that, but now that I have looked it up, I see that the other two are Shoele s Joe Jackson and Happy Felsch (the outfielder played by Charlie Sheen in Eight Men Out), both with the 1920 White Sox. Kirby Puckett had 99 RBI in the strike-shortened 1995 season, his last campaign. Rank the following breakfast meats: Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Corned Beef Hash, Scrapple. Will Crist (@will_crist) Okay. Its bacon, corned beef hash, scrapple, sausage, ham. Scrapple gets a bad rap because people often find out exactly what is in scrapple. Dont do that to yourself. Do you think TC basically naming Duda his starting 1B will increase the production from that position? Sam (@Crazy4NYSports) I dont, nor do I think that Duda will be the Mets starting first baseman for the full season. if don cherry Willians Astudillo Jersey were to end up in charge of picks for a new team in an nhl expansion draft, what would happen? 28 6 1 8 57 16 (@ihaveoreos) The new team would be full of Good Ontario Boys and maybe a couple o

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