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Форум | Новичкам о портале | Тема: The Rays have been in the playoffs only four times in their
The Rays have been in the playoffs only four times in their

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Дата: 10 августа 2022 года, 10:10
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The Rays have been in the playoffs only four times in their 19 seasons of existence, their last trip being in 2013 when then-rookie right-hander Chris Archer was helping out a pitching staff that featuredJeremy Hellickson, David Price, Matt Moore andFernando Rodney.Of those, Archer is the only one left in St. Pete; the others have moved on to bigger contracts elsewhere. It has never been in the Rays' interest Pat Valaika Jersey to pay forfree agents the way the Yankees, Dodgers or Red Sox do, but Archer believes Gerardo Parra Jersey that if the Rays want to contend, they need to do more than what they're doing now.MORE: «I think in order for us to be succe sful, we've got to spend more money,'' Archer said on SiriusXM MLB Network Radio, . «You look at the teams that were in contention this year and they were all around the $100 million payroll mark or more. And we're in the $70 million payroll (range)."So I think a Wade Davis Jersey couple added pieces, yeah, we're going to have to spend a little bit of money. But a couple added pieces with the starting pitching that we have can change everything. We can get back to the winning franchise that we were.''MORE: While Archer remains optimistic, the Rays prefer to stick to one- or two-year contracts for veteran players and fill in with young talent they acquire or build from their farm system. One way they might do that this winter is with Archer, who was rumored to be traded in July. At the time, theRaysbelieved there were about eight teams with deep enough farm systems to put together a package for Archer."I get it. We might not be capable of spending with the Yankees and Red Sox. Jon Gray Jersey But if we keep harping on it, then it permeates the minds of the players,» Archer said. «And we don't want the players to think that we're at any competitive disadvantage.» Jonathan Lucroy Jersey We have a different advantage, I believe, and I think it comes from the scouting department and the creativene s that we've been able to develop over the years."Archer, 28, who was an All-Star in 2015,went 9-19 in 2016, due in part to the Rays poor offense. He had a 4.02 ERA and a 233:67 K:BB ratio over 201 1/3 innings.

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