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Форум | Новичкам о портале | Тема: Is LeBron James closer to Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan? I
Is LeBron James closer to Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan? I

Имя: seestyle (Новичок)
Дата: 10 августа 2022 года, 8:41
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Is LeBron James closer to Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan? Is Giannis Antetokounmpo more like Wilt Chamberlain or Shaquille O'Neal? What about Kevin Durant. Or Stephen Curry. Or Joel Embiid? How would they compare to the greatest players in the history of the game?When the NBA honors the 75th Anniversary Team at halftime of the 2022 All-Star Game in Cleveland, legends from every era will stand together for a truly history-making moment. NBA Commi sioner Adam Silver stated on Saturday that approximately 50 of the 61 living members of the 75th anniversary team will be in attendance.To help bridge the gap from past to present and provide a few points of reference for any unfamiliar names that pop up on Sunday, we're celebrating the occasion by picking one 75th anniversary team player comparison for each of the 26 All-Stars.A few quick caveats:Every player is unique and no comparison is perfect.Style of play, stature, statistics and Washington Commanders Jersey narratives all factored in.Representation acro s every era matters. It would have been boring to stick to strictly legends from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.Don't take it too seriously.Think you have a better one? !MORE: And while the undeniable collection of legendary talent speaks to an incorriPlayers on the current team LeBron James75th Anniversary comparison: Michael JordanThe King and His Airne s. Basketball royalty.With apologies to the «more Magic than Michael» crowd, there is only one comparison. Larger than life and unquestionable alpha dogs, both supernovas operate within an orbit that even other titans of the game's past and present can only dream of reaching.2022 All-Star weekend isn't the day for choosing sides, counting rings, comparing accolades, and debating the G.O.A.T. Contrary to what some maysay, it is in fact po sible to hold both in equal esteem, to revere basketball royalty with measured humility and appreciation.MORE: Stephen Curry75th Anniversary comparison: Jerry WestCurry's out-of-this world shooting forever changed basketball. Not only will the post-Steph NBA look entirely different from the pre-Steph version, the game itself acro s the world will never be the same given the sheer volume of blacktop copycats and driveway-mimicking fans who see themselves in the slight ultimate Warrior. Curry's influence will be felt for generations not only in how players grow up learning the game, but in how we collectively — fans, coaches, scouts, executives, owners — think about basketball.The silhouette of the Splash Clinton Portis Jersey Brother's sweet stroke embodies the modern evolution of the sport, just as The Logo's silhouette quite literally represents the league.Add in the fact that the diminutive 6-foot-3 West dominated a league of towering skyscrapers with shooting and perimeter playmaking just as the 6-foot-2 Curry does the same generations later, and it's hard not to draw a parallel between the two transcendent guards.Joel Embiid75th Anniversary comparison: Hakeem OlajuwonWhen Embiid first picked up a basketball growing up in Cameroon, included in his initial introduction to the game was a video of Hakeem Olajuwon.Four days after he was drafted by the 76ers, watching the Nigerian Billy Kilmer Jersey icon and African basketball pioneer. «Obviously, everybody should already know thats my idol, and I love the way he played the game. It's kind of like he's dancing. And I like dancing dancing and singing.Just as Olajuwon's legendary footwork and agility developed thanks in part to his time playing soccer growing up, Embiid owes a great deal of his smooth game to playing competitive volleyball (he didn't start playing basketball until he was 15).Already an All-NBA center and dominant game-changer on both ends, Embiid has gone up a level in 2022 and in the midst of a career year could very well, like Olajuwon, claim his first MVP.NBA MVP RACE: Giannis Antetokounmpo75th Anniversary comparison: Wilt ChamberlainPut simply, Wilt Chamberlain is the most dominant physical presence in NBA history. Not only for his sheer size and strength, but his gazelle-like ability to run the floor and cover 94 feet in just a few strides. Bigger, faster, stronger… that was Wilt.Sound familiar?While he might not be pumping iron with The Rock as Chamberlain once did with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Greek Freak unquestionably po se ses the NBA's most unique combination of size, strength and speed. Oh, and he's also in the All-Star's Skills competition, something Chamberlain absolutely would have done given he .Nikola Jokic75th Anniversary comparison: Larry BirdNo, Larry Bird didn't play center. But to be fair, Nikola Jokic doesn't really either at least not in your traditional sense.When Bird held the ball in his hands, time stood still. There's not a single player in history who proce sed the game faster than Bird, whose combination of basketball IQ, uncanny vision, unselfishne s and three-level scoring made him nothing short of a wizard.Those savant-like qualities live on  Terry Mclaurin T Shirts in Jokic who not only leads the NBA by a mile in and , but does so while ranking as the . Jokic turns 27 over All-Star weekend and yet he's already seventh all-time in triple-doubles, two spots ahead of Bird.Chris Paul75th Anniversary comparison: Bob CousyThe player most often compared to CP3 is Isiah Thomas, and for good reason. Ruthle s competitors driven to win at all costs, both small point guards produced at nearly the same clip.CP3 and Zeke Per GamePaulThomasHeight6'0"6'1"Points18.219.2A sists9.59.3Steals2 Charley Taylor Jersey .11.9Yet as Paul enters the homestretch of his 17th season, he still holds the unofficial title of Point God while also representing something of a dying breed: the traditional, pure point guard.And so while Thomas might statistically and stylistically be the closest call, we're going with Bob Cousy, the OG Point God who made 11 straight All-NBA First Teams and served as a player-coach. Paul's floor general game embodies the same qualities that Cousy himself invented.Andrew Wiggins75th Anniversary comparison: James WorthyBoth No. 1 overall picks from blueblood college programs, Wiggins and Worthy became All-Stars flanking the wings alongside future Hall of Fame point guards (Curry, Magic Johnson) and bigs (Draymond Green, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).Wiggins might not have the postseason pedigree of Big Game James, but he's a high flyer who can take over a game in a pinch. Trae Young75th Anniversary comparison: Pete Maravich'Pistol' Pete played with an unmistakable swagger that made him not only a fan favorite but one of the most electric showmen of his era. Shot selection be damned, Maravich treated NBA courts like park playgrounds, bombing from impo sible angles and zipping pa ses few others thought po sible

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