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Форум | Новичкам о портале | Тема: Warehouse System Based on RFID Tag and RFID Reader/Writer
Warehouse System Based on RFID Tag and RFID Reader/Writer

Имя: oprfid123456 (Новичок)
Дата: 2 июля 2022 года, 5:28
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Different enterprise sizes and product categories have different warehouse management processes and requirements, but the core part still lies in warehouse operations including stock in and out and inventory control operations including stock transfer and inventory. Others include logistics, automobile anti-theft, air parcel management, etc. The working principle of computerassistedpickingsystem is to use the RFID tag to indicate the type and quantity of goods to be delivered from the warehouse, so as to replace the traditional paper picking list and improve the picking efficiency. There are two main ways to use electronic labels in practice — DPS and DAS. The DPS (digitalpickingsystem) method is to use electronic tags to realize the fruit picking method. First of all, it is necessary to realize the correspondence between warehouse location, variety and electronic label in warehouse management. The data of each operation link such as inventory is automatically collected, so that the speed and accuracy of data in each link of warehouse management are more intelligent, and it is convenient for enterprises to manage stored goods.

RFID is a new information technology, which can realize the non-contact and rapid transmission of data and information. At present, RFID has been widely used in the fields of RFID manufacturing, RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability, RFID logistics and supply chain management, which has brought great technological innovation to these fields, especially in the field of RFID intelligent warehouse management system. Because of the characteristics of RFID technology, it will greatly improve the collection speed of material flow information and the efficiency of logistics operations.

Technical advantages

RFID technology is characterized by non-contact high-speed identification. It communicates wirelessly. Radio frequency tags can be read without exposing electrical contacts. Therefore, even if the items pasted with such radio frequency tags are placed inside the packaging materials, they can be identified. The RFID identification system can also identify multiple radio frequency tags and high-speed moving radio frequency tags at the same time, which can realize the efficiency of the circulation process of goods. The specific advantages are as follows:

Contactless reading and writing

As long as the reader of the RFID system is not contacted, the information can be directly read into the database, which has great advantages over the original information input through a special document clerk, and various information of the logistics processing status can be written into the tag, reducing a lot of information collection time for the next stage of the process.

At the same time, at this stage, RFID technology can help enterprises open up the data link between product market demand and supply side, and help enterprises achieve faster market response. In RFID system, antennas are divided into two categories: electronic tag antenna and reader / writer antenna, which are responsible for receiving energy and transmitting energy respectively. The characteristics of small rfid reader/writer antenna are: small enough to be attached to the required items; Have omnidirectional or hemispherical coverage directionality; Capable of providing possible signals to the chip of the tag; Regardless of the direction of the object, the polarization of the antenna can match the query signal of the card reader; Robust; cheapness. Then, enter the pallet stage, that is, fix RFID on the pallet for identification and reading. From the container stage to the arrival tray stage, the quantity of tracked goods has increased significantly, and the demand for RFID tags has also increased significantly.

Simultaneous reading of multiple labels

Through the RFID reader, you can read multiple RFID tags at one time, and transfer the data from the reader to the computer network system at one time. The speed of data collection and acceptance of articles is more than ten times that of bar code scanning, collection and acceptance, which is much faster than the traditional method of using document entry data collection and viewing the name of goods to accept articles. Through the multi reading of this RFID reader, the efficient and rapid circulation of goods can be realized.

Good penetrability

The articles with RFID tags can be normally identified by the desketop rfid writer for sale when they are placed in the packaging materials, such as paper, wood, plastic and other non-metallic or non transparent materials. It has good penetrability, so that it can be identified quickly and conveniently without taking the articles out of the packaging materials.

Large data storage capacity of labels

RFID radio frequency tags store much larger data than bar codes. The data stored by bar code technology can only indicate the category of items, not the individual of each category of items. However, RFID radio frequency tags have large storage capacity and can store information describing items in detail.

The simple and static traditional warehouse management mode has many disadvantages, such as huge material inventory, difficult material tracking, low capital and material turnover efficiency, high labor cost, backward information and means of logistics management, which can no longer meet the new warehouse management needs. Oprfid technology software V5.0, a clothing smart storage store management software based on RFID tags, can provide intelligent fird solutions for modern clothing enterprises, and has been selected by many enterprises. The reason why Jiafu software can be recognized and applied by business owners is inseparable from its own strong advantages. Based on the principle of «fast, accurate and economical», every enterprise can use it freely. Jiafu software is constantly optimized and upgraded in program design. First, the software runs very fast. For example, postal service combines the small rfid read write usb system with the 11183 postal express comprehensive information platform to realize synchronous operation. Through real-time uploading of scanned information, it can also realize the information quality assessment function. It has great advantages in management level, service specification, operation quality, etc.

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