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Форум | Новичкам о портале | Тема: Do not work Printer Toner Cartridge in Dubai
Do not work Printer Toner Cartridge in Dubai

Имя: johnbidden (Новичок)
Дата: 15 декабря 2021 года, 20:48
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How to distinguish an original cartridge from a counterfeit one — this question arises for everyone who wants to extend the life of their printing equipment. The problem of counterfeits in this market is very acute because many buyers cannot distinguish between counterfeit goods from a trusted manufacturer. This is dangerous for several reasons: • Over 70% of counterfeits simply stop printing in the first few days Printer repair cartridge after installation. Considering that you are buying them at full price, the size of the losses is not hard to imagine. • The print itself becomes of poor quality. The paper may give off a strong unpleasant odor, and the colors will be too dark or too pale. Printer car • Using a non-genuine toner cartridge will result in equipment failure. [url=https://printerrepairdubai.ae/]Hp printer repair dubai[/url] This is due to a violation of the integrity of the shell, paint spills, small plastic parts getting into the moving parts of the printer. The costs will increase significantly. printer cartridge dubai Another problem is that you won't be able to sell such a consumable. The expert will quickly determine that in front of him is a fake and will not pay you. It remains only to look for ways of disposal — this also takes time. We recommend not to bring the situation to the point where the printer says that the cartridge is not original. Check it out at the time of purchase. Cartridge Inspection Methods Inspection begins with checking the box. Large manufacturers do not spare money for printing. Therefore, if the paint is erased, and the laminating film peels off, the cardboard falls into pieces — this is a sign of counterfeit. If visually everything is in order with the packaging, the procedure is as [url=https://printerrepairdubai.ae/]Printer toner cartridge dubai [/url] follows:
1. Go to the manufacturer's official website and see how correctly all the designations are located on the box, whether the color palette is observed. 2. Find a holographic sticker. It is found on almost all supplied consumables. At a certain angle, an image becomes visible on it. For example, on HP products, the V sign moves in different directions as the tilt angle changes. 3. Scan the QR code. Most vendors have this option. You need an app on your phone. For fakes, completely different information may be indicated. 4. Take the consumable out of the box and inspect it. It is necessary to check the build quality, the presence of minor defects, leaks, plastic sagging, and burrs. Above, we wrote how the original cartridge differs from the counterfeit one. Printer toner cartridge Before buying, we advise you to check what exactly they are trying to sell to you. If the supplier is not clean on hand, problems may arise with the return of money, you will have to conduct an expensive examination to prove the fact of deception, and then sue.

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