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The Ceiling Of A Pair Of Leisure Brand Running Shoes

Имя: thebrandshoes (Новичок)
Дата: 30 июля 2022 года, 11:56
Last year, Li Ning released Wushi 5S shoes, a pair of fashionable running shoes with leisure orientation. The first generation has a great shape, hollow midsole, double cushioning and excellent structure. You can choose two versions. A year later, Wushi 5s2.0 met with you. The hollowed out was cancelled, and the logo was more elegant. It was still a double cushioning blessing, and it was still multiple versions.
Recently, the new version of Wushi 5S was introduced to you. When you got the shoes, it was still a surprise. Compared with the first generation, Wushi 5s2.0 did subtraction. The hollowed out design is cancelled, and more stable structures are added. The shoes are more sharp and slender, and the upper feet are more beautiful. So what are the highlights of this pair of shoes? Next, brother Gou will talk about his highlights.
1. More breathable upper:
The biggest change in the new version of Wushi 5s2.0 is the change of the vamp, from the original mono yarn version to the current yarn frame version. Compared with mono yarn, it is more textured, softer and breathable, and the weather is getting hotter day by day. If you change to the new version of Wushi 5s2.0, you will feel more cool and breathable.
Pay attention to the shoe shape of Wushi 5s2.0, and start tightening in the middle, so that the shoes are more suitable for the sole of the foot, without shaking, the wrapping performance is enhanced, and the shoe shape has become more sharp. The yarn frame version is not blindly soft. Reinforcing materials are added to the tongue and heel to improve the support performance of the shoes. A piece of leather material is also added to the heel to highlight the texture.
2. Excellent supporting structure:
Wushi 5S has emphasized a concept since the first generation: the rebound with support is a good cushioning. The softer the shoes are, the more elastic they are. The softer the shoes are, the more elastic they are. The softer the shoes are, the more elastic they are. The softer the shoes are, the better the shoes are. The softer the shoes are. The Springer the shoes are, the better the shoes are. The softer the shoes are. The Springer. Wushi 5s2.0 has made a more perfect guarantee.
First of all, the shoes run from the front palm to the heel. A circle of TPU is displayed in orange, and the area runs through the whole palm. In the exposed part, you can see the design of digging holes to reduce weight. This TPU can improve the stability of shoes. It has good support in both horizontal and vertical directions.
Secondly, there is a shovel shaped booster piece built in the midfoot. This structure presents a Y-shaped design. Here, you can see his figure, combined with the shape of the midsole, to provide a boost feeling. This sandwich structure is generally used on carbon board brand running shoes(more info). Many people will feel that it is more radical and difficult to control, but this will never happen to Wushi 5S.
His midsole tuning and main push film are softer, which can provide a certain rolling boost feeling in the process of running and walking. Especially when walking, it is really labor-saving, and the upper feet feel great. The midsole structure of Wushi 5S is the core of his inner structure.
3. Rich technology collocation
With the support structure, coupled with excellent cushioning formula, it is a pair of great brand running shoes. Wushi 5s2.0 adopts double-layer cushioning, lf technology in the upper layer, high-performance elastomer in the lower layer, and supercritical foaming technology in the insole. The rebound rate of LF is between 62% and 67%, and that of high-performance elastomer is between 63% and 68%.
Pay attention to the layout of the two cushioning materials. There are more LF in the forefoot and more high-performance elastomers in the back. In terms of foot feel, the forefoot is more flexible and elastic, and the soft elasticity of the back. This structural design also amplifies the advantages of the Wushi 5S generation, and the foot feel is improved more obviously.
4. Rich usage scenarios:
Of course, the usage scenarios of Wushi 5s2.0 are very rich. There is no problem with daily commuting, walking is more labor-saving, and the collocation is completely stress-free;
When you see the bus and need to run a few steps, it can give you a certain boost, which makes it more comfortable to trot. If you can't catch up with the bus originally, you may catch up with it by wearing it;
If you are an entry-level runner, wear it to run, and there is no problem. Wushi 5s2.0 looks good and runs well. There are many brand running shoes click here on the market, but if you are a beginner, you need better support. Wushi 5s2.0 can protect you every step you fall.
If you usually need some fitness training, simple strength training, aerobics, spinning, yoga, etc., then Wushi 5s2.0 can also complete the task. A pair of shoes can handle multiple scenes, eliminating the trouble of bringing an extra pair of shoes to the gym.
If you only want to use a pair of shoes to use multiple scenes, such as street wear, running wear, fitness wear, matching wear, then Wushi 5s2.0, you absolutely need to see it more. A pair of domestic running shoes with very high cost performance.
5. Excellent upper foot experience
Although the midsole of Wushi 5s2.0 looks thick and has obvious increasing effect, the actual protection performance is more in place and the structural advantage is more obvious. The feeling of his feet is very good. As a pair of fashionable brand running shoes, he needs appearance and performance.You can see the feeling of the upper feet. It's very sharp and slender. Moreover, the design of the shoe shape will modify your ankle to make him look thinner, and his legs are also slender. It's very nice to match with summer shorts. In terms of foot feeling, the rolling motion is very obvious. Wearing it, he will have the impulse to step forward unconsciously, walk more effortlessly, and run with a certain sense of boost. The midsole has excellent stability, and the soft elastic foot feeling is very addictive. If he wears it, he doesn't want to take it off.
The outsole can grip the ground, with deep lines and enough wear resistance. You don't have to worry about scrapping it after wearing it for several times.
I'll meet you in full size 5s2.0. Ladies and sisters can also choose this pair of shoes, which has obvious heightening effect and more beautiful color matching. In terms of size, you can choose it normally. The shoe last is normal, and there will be no pressing and squeezing of the instep. The tolerance of the vamp is very large. The normal choice of wide feet and thin feet is OK. You can wear it directly on the foot without running in.Compared with the first generation, the five highlights of Wushi 5s2.0 are better. If you pass through the first generation, the second generation will directly close their eyes and feel better. If you haven't worn the first generation, try the second generation of new products, which are very cost-effective. Compared with various casual shoes, its advantages are obvious, and the new yarn frame version is also more suitable for summer.Our brand shoes online store:www.thebrandshoes.com
Click links for more information of brand shoes:
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